Faster Mustache

Faster Mustache is a progressive non-organization made up of a diverse group of Atlanta residents with one thing in common: riding bicycles. We believe in the power of cyclists to change our communities and our world through ongoing discussion, entertaining events, and positive action. Online and on the road, at work or at play, we challenge everyone to use a bike. It doesn't matter what type: fixed, free, geared, single, cruiser, chopper, racer, or clunker. No two bikes are the same and certainly no two riders are the same, but in the auto-centric city of Atlanta, we have fun sticking together. Simply put, we invite everyone to bike everywhere with us. Welcome to Faster Mustache!

Things got a little weird.

First things first, some guys and gals in Atlanta in early 2005 had a thing for quesidillas. This turned into sweet fixies and some Drupal-powered Forums (remember kids, Facebook didn't open until late 2006!), a 24 hour mountain bike race team rocking speedos and PBRs, 100s of people descending on events on and off the bike, and all kinds of madness including friendships that transcend time and space.

We were responsible for the worlds one and only 24-hour-relay for 5 years running (, a contribution to the cyclical revival of Atlanta Critical Mass, some weird zwift audio chat thing during a ridiculous global pandemic, and many things that are hopefully still off the record, including what really happened on that camping trip.

Now, Faster Mustache is almost old enough to vote, but still not old enough to drink. Drupal became Facebook became Discord (For an invite, ask someone that knows!) Some janky HTML became Drupal became SquareSpace became some janky html. (You can always travel back through time)

You can find Faster Mustache anywhere, beacause the secret is out: it's you. Find your people, ride some bikes, shred a little gnar, and keep that smile on your face. Maybe rock the speedo, and definitely find you a delicious quesidilla.