2016 Faster Mustache Kits: Available for one week only!

Read below for important information before you order!

2016 Faster Mustache kits are now available to order! The link is at the bottom of this post. But first:

* Sizing:  These kits are Columbian sizes.  Don't get hurt feelings by the label - the Columbian sizes run very small.  You can take your measurements and determine your size here:  http://safetti.us/index.php/custom/size-chart

* This is a pre-order.  Art is not finalized and production has not begun.  Images on the shopping site are preliminary.  We will share estimated arrival dates as soon as we have them - please be patient.  

* Pay close attention to the design you are choosing:  There is a Charlotte-specific and Atlanta-specific design based on each team's sponsors. Pick the right one.

* Men get bib shorts.  Women have the choice of shorts or bib shorts. 

* There's an order minimum of 10 pieces for each item/design.  The quantities count together across sizes and gender, but not cities.  If we don't make the minimums during this pre-order, you will be refunded.  

* Since we are placing the order directly with Safetti, it will be difficult to change the order once it's placed.  Please double check your order to save me the hassle of trying to fix it.  Thanks.

* You will be able to pick up your kit at a central location in ATL (Loose Nuts Cycles) or CLT (BikeSource) when they arrive.  If you cannot pick up your kit in ATL or CLT, Safetti will ship it to you.  You will have to pay for shipping costs during the checkout process.    
Deadline for Ordering:  11:59pm on Friday, Feb 12th.

Link: http://safetti.us/index.php/store/faster-mustache

Now, go buy a kit and tell your friends to buy one too!