Spring in 2015 means more hills because #fmrideATL is back at it

So uh, it's been topping out around 70F these days in Atlanta, and it's really really dark at 7am now.  This means that #fmrideATL is back at it for 2015. Our friends at The Gear Revival have closed shop, so we moved the starting location over to our friends at Atlanta Beltline Bicycle (yes you can drive and park there).

Starting in a different place means a bigger change to the route than the last few years. We still have to get over to the west side which means cutting through Atlanta (which is going to take a little polishing). We've added the infamous Cochise climb, and as a throwback to 2009 we get back to town on Habersham (which is a lot of fun) and Peachtree (which actually is a lot of fun that late into the evening).

Head on over to http://www.fastermustache.org/rides/fmrideatl/ for details, and join us every Thursday this year for some hill-crushing fun-having.