Faster Mustache Wool Jerseys from Woolistic for 2014 - Place your order!


I am excited to announce we're doing another order of the super sweet Woolistic Wool Jerseys, this time with a new color scheme! I am taking orders starting now until February 14, 2014. At that time the order will be placed with Woolistic and the jerseys will go into production.

These fine specimens are made from 100% Italian Merino Wool and made in EU. They provide a fashionable and warm, yet breathable jersey with a retro look and they have been desperately sought after since our original order back in 2006?!? Don't miss out or else you will have to wait until the next order is placed in 2021.

We are changing the colors this time, reversing the red and black. The jersey will be black with red letters scripted across a white chest band with white neck and wrist striped. The classic FM cog will brandish the right shoulder just like last time.

I've attached an image to give you a taste of how these will look.

To place your order, go here and enter your information (add your name, jersey selection(s), sizes, etc. and then PAYPAL me your payment to christopherjamesrampton AT GMAIL DOT COM. If I don't have your payment by February 14, 2014, I won't place your order.

Price: $95 - Short Sleeve

Price: $100 - Long Sleeve

Price includes shipping and aspirin to deal with the headaches this will cause me.

When using Paypal, please select "I'm sending money to family & friends" to avoid the Paypal Fees. Thanks.

I'll update with lead times, more images, etc. very soon. Stay posted but place your order NOW!!!

If you have any reason to consider NOT getting yourself a jersey, ask anyone who currently owns this sweet, sweet article of clothing. They are coveted, treasured, and deeply depended on year after year for comfort, fashion, street cred, and that unique FM flavor of cool.

Anyone is qualified to participate so if your monster truck driver chut friend wants one but isn't privy to the google group, have them email me their order and paypal me the money. I'll update the spreadsheet for them.

wool FM 2014 black.jpg

Thanks and ride on, bros and brodettes!