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Faster mustache has been around for 10 years now, help us celebrate. We're hosting a road and trail stage race around Southeast Atlanta

Join us February 28th for a day on the bike you will never forget. We will ride as a group on a 30-ish-mile "Party Pace" route around South Atlanta. The route will start at Loose Nuts and feature urban paths, dirt roads, and even single-track trail. We'll stop along the way at 4 locations, called "Stages" where we will have a mini race. Some races will be Cyclocross style, some Cross-Country MTB. Dirt naps will be had. The Wheels to the Farm will be a showcase of in-town Atlanta trails, paths, and commuter routes.

About The Event

FM:WTF is shaping up to be an exciting event. The route will be about 30 miles. All participants will ride trail, gravel, and dirt roads in addition to paved city streets and paths. So we highly recommend an off-road bike or some fatties.

The Stages 

We will have four to five stages. Then we Party! 
We're still working on the race details, stay tuned.

What if I Can't Keep Up?

We want to make FM:WTF accessible to everyone, but we also want to finish with the group intact before sundown. If and when riders in the group fall behind the 'Sweeper' (an event official that keeps pace at the back of the group), they will be on their own. They can shortcut the event to a later stage, head over to the after-party a little early, or head home. For this reason we must insist that all participants follow these rules:


1. Be self-sufficient (food, water, tools, cell-phone, navigation, pack-able rain jacket)
2. Ride with an "Accountabilibro" (a partner who will stay with you if you get "swept")
3. Be relatively fit and capable of riding all day long
4. Ride a bike suitable for trail riding
5. Wear a helmet 
6. Bring a front and rear light for your bicycle (just in case)

Participants can race as many stages as they want, or they can just ride along and spectate (Party Pace). The Party Pace route, which everyone will ride, will include challenging trails, gravel roads, and busy urban environments, so be prepared! Awards will be given to the top finishers for each stage, as well as the top finishers overall. We'll even have prizes for the Party Pace Pounders.

Thanks to the Charlotte Team for the blatant plagiarism of their fine work.

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